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THE Chocolate Making Post – Part 2

February 12, 2014


So you made it through the last chocolate post, but now you’re wondering, “what kind of chocolate should I use, if not chocolate chips?”  When I say don’t use chocolate chips, I mean tollhouse, etc – meant for cookie making.  You can use Pistoles – which are the flat round, or sometimes oblong, pieces of temper […]

THE Chocolate Making Post

February 11, 2014


There are a few types of chocolate filling – ganache (butter and cream based), sugar based fillings, nut based fillings, etc.  Below is a recipe for butter ganache… which has the best texture in my opinion, and keeps really well.  Use good butter.  It is also key to use liquid sweetener, as the sweetener doesn’t […]

Grapefruit Agar Jelly Slices

October 2, 2012


The grapefruit jelly slices turned out better once they sat overnight.  The skin stopped wanting to slide off (always a good thing…). 1.0 Make Grapefruit Juice Concentrate Ingredients: Grapefruit Juice Instructions: Buy a big jug of really good grapefruit juice. Find smaller bottles to put the juice into, that you can put in the freezer. […]