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Candy Corn

August 26, 2017


I’ve tried a lot of recipe’s for Candy Corn – and they all seem slightly off to me.  So here is mine. Ingredients: 4 1⁄4 oz ________________ Confection Sugar  1⁄2 oz ________________ non-fat Dry Milk  1⁄4 tsp  ________________ salt (super fine salt) For the Syrup: 31⁄2 oz ________________ granulated sugar (or caster sugar) 21⁄2 TBSP _______________ water 3 TBSP _________________ unsalted butter 3 3/4 oz ________________ corn […]

Rum Cake

August 23, 2014


I don’t know what style rum cake this is – it’s the kind my mom used to make – which I grew up making every holiday season for probably hundreds of people, but I never had the recipe (I could have called and asked for it, but I’m pretty sure it involves cake mix and […]

Orange Chiffon Cake – With Olive Oil

February 16, 2013


This recipe has evolved from a recipe in the CIA cookbook, and a Bittman cookbook, and an Alton Brown recipe – to the point that it’s become its own thing. It is very versatile –  it makes great cakes, and great cupcakes.  This recipe makes a lot, but the cakes keep well in the freezer. […]

Puncs Torta (Punch Cake)

November 6, 2012


AKA Punch Cake. I’m not Hungarian, but a friend of mine is, and she just moved to the same city as me, and it was her birthday.  So I decided to give this cake a try.  It looks amazing, and I love European layered cakes, like Opera Cake, and since at one time Austria & […]