August 23, 2014

Raspberry Cherry Sorbet

August 13, 2014


-1.0 setup and necessary objects Have an ice cream maker (I have the $50 cuisinart one where you freeze the bowl, it does the job just fine) 1.0 Raspberry Cherry Sorbet Ingredients: 24 oz  ________________ Puréed Raspberries  (~ 3 Cups) Fresh or frozen. 8 oz  ________________  Puréed Sour Cherries (~1 Cup) Fresh or frozen 6 oz  _______________ Sour Cherry Juice (I used […]

Peach Tart

August 13, 2014


Blueberry Tart

Basic tart recipe – I will attempt to be detailed enough for people who don’t just know how to make a tart.  I like a challenge.  This recipe makes enough for two 8 inch tarts. Recipe ingredients are first, followed by instructions.  Gather all the ingredients before you start. Equipment you will need: Food processor […]

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Good News Everyone!

April 4, 2014


Back to using Valrhona

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THE Chocolate Making Post – Part 2

February 12, 2014


So you made it through the last chocolate post, but now you’re wondering, “what kind of chocolate should I use, if not chocolate chips?”  When I say don’t use chocolate chips, I mean tollhouse, etc – meant for cookie making.  You can use Pistoles – which are the flat round, or sometimes oblong, pieces of temper […]

THE Chocolate Making Post

February 11, 2014


9 Assorted Chocolates

There are a few types of chocolate filling – ganache (butter and cream based), sugar based fillings, nut based fillings, etc.  Below is a recipe for butter ganache… which has the best texture in my opinion, and keeps really well.  Use good butter.  It is also key to use liquid sweetener, as the sweetener doesn’t […]

Corn Ice Cream

August 6, 2013


Corn Ice Cream with Peaches and Raspberries

I haven’t posted recipes in a while since I find myself less inspired lately, and not reading a lot of blogs since the demise of google reader.  But there are lots of awesome things at the farmers market. -1.0 setup and necessary objects Buy at least 4 ears of sweet corn Have an ice cream maker […]