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Posted on September 27, 2012


Candy Corn

Despite my early adopter status as a whiny teenager with a website in the ’90s, I’ve put off making a food blog for a very long time.  Partially because there are already so many (and a lot of them I really like), partly because I’m not a fan or writing, and partly because I want to keep my recipes my secrets.  So, yes, there are some things I’m probably not going to post recipes for – not that anyone else is in danger or buying, roasting, cleaning, candying, puree-ing, and making chocolate truffle filling out of beets, for chocolates.  I’ll try not to post too many things without recipes.

I’ve also been told I assume a lot of base knowledge when I write a recipe for someone – so I’ll try to avoid that.  I really dislike long recipes.  Americas Test Kitchen cookbooks drive me crazy for that reason.

Recipes coming soon.  Right now I’m making my own grapefruit concentrate.

Until I post some recipes, here are some pictures of all my past baking and candy making missions.

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