Grapefruit Agar Jelly Slices – Sneak Preview

Posted on September 28, 2012


This recipe isn’t done yet – it still needs some work.

I’ve been meaning to make fruit slices for a while – and I’ve had the mold for this for a long time, but haven’t made it, until now.

This is a 4 part recipe – which I’ll post in a few days.

Here are the basic steps:

  • Make Grapefruit Juice Concentrate (you can’t find it in a store – at least I couldn’t) – this involves freezing the juice in a bottle, then turning the bottle upside down to thaw, the juice will thaw before the water.  It takes 2 or 3 times around to get a good concentrate.
  • Make “frappe” – basically nougat – whipped fake egg whites, and sugar syrup.  Pouring super hot sugar into a mixer while it’s going is one of my favorite things – but if you don’t appreciate a nice burn scar, you should be super careful.
  • Make the skin – which uses the frappe and juice concentrate (as well as agar and sugar)
  • Make the filling – which uses a the juice concentrate, agar, and sugar.
  • Assembly – which isn’t that complex, but the skin doesn’t want to stick.  I need to solve this problem (probably with run of the mill orange juice concentrate).

These are super tasty, but the skin won’t stay on!!  It tastes like grapefruit with just a bit of sugar, and a bit of salt (which is how I like my grapefruit).

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