Southern Biscuits (My Granny’s recipe)

January 21, 2013



Technically speaking, this is not a sweet recipe, but it is very good with honey-butter on it, or with a bit of sugar, and some strawberries. This makes about 14 biscuits 1.0 Biscuits Ingredients: 250 grams  _________________ Flour (all purpose, ~2 Cups) 1-2 TBSP ____________________ Baking Powder (BP, she never measured) 1⁄4 tsp _________________ Baking […]

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Gâteau Saint Honoré – Saint Honoré Cake

January 15, 2013


Finished St. Honorê Cake

Gâteau Saint Honoré is a traditional French/European dessert.  Saint Honoré is the patron saint of bakers.  A quick note, about the scale of the one I made – it looks like a croquembouche because it needed to feed ~10-12 people.  Normally these seem to be smaller (2-4 people) – but making more of them.  This would make a […]

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Calibrating a Scale

January 13, 2013


Recently, I made a semi-impulse purchase from the modernistpantry.  Among the various chemicals – which will go into various chocolates that you can’t have the recipe for (sorry) – I bought a scale that measures down to 0.01g.  I promise not to make recipes that specific for this blog.  Hopefully this scale will be useful […]

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Cream Puffs – pâte à choux (pate a choux)

January 11, 2013


Cream Puff Tower

Another classic, basic pastry, pâte à choux, can be used to make all sorts of awesome things fairly quickly.  From cream puffs, to eclairs, to savory gougères, it’s a good trick to have up your sleeve. The Alton Brown episode where he makes pate a choux is awesome, by the way, like most things he does. 1.0 pâte à choux Ingredients: 1 1⁄2 […]

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Puff Pastry

January 10, 2013


Puff Pastry Base

Also known as pâte feuilletée. There are many recipes for “quick” puff pastry, with a food processor – but this one turns out nicer.  It is based on an old post from my favorite food blog   (she’s since moved and is now ) You make two doughs, and then role them together.  The first is the […]

Assembling a Piping Bag

December 29, 2012


holiday cookies

At some point recently – it was brought to my attention that people aren’t born with the innate ability to assemble pastry bags. I don’t remember ever being taught this – though I’ve been decorating cakes since like pre-school – so it’s a bit unfair of me to assume people know how to do this. […]

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Buche de Noel – Chestnut – bûche de noël

December 21, 2012


Finished Buche de Noel

This is another multi-step cake.  There’s still time to make one for Christmas (or just because it’s a log.  Log, Log, It’s big it’s round it’s wood.) Much like opera cake, it is made in a sheet pan or jelly roll pan. Prep 1 half sheet pan (15×12 inches the biggest you have in your […]

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Ginger-Doodle Cookies (Gingerbread + Snickerdoodle)

December 10, 2012


Indecision – gingerbread, or snickerdoodles?  This is a cross between gingerbread and snickerdoodle (crunchy and buttery like snickerdoodle), but spicey like gingerbread. Pre-heat the oven to 400° F Prep 3 sheet pans, with parchment. 1.0 Mix Gingerbread Spices Ingredients: 3 tsp   ________________ Cinnamon (ground) 5 tsp   ________________ Ginger (ground) 1 tsp   ________________ […]

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Bread – Plain French Boule & Rye

November 30, 2012


Technically speaking, this is not a sweet recipe.  Make it into french toast or something.  This makes two loafs, you can make them the same, or I made one rye (with no caraway, I’m not a fan or seeds in my bread – California is on notice about this). Get started the night before you […]

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Chess Pie – Thanksgiving Pie 1

November 18, 2012


Chess Pie

This recipe is yet another one I modified slightly from one in my mom’s recipe box; it is originally from my grandmother.  This is going to be my Thanksgiving dessert – because pumpkin/squash pie isn’t a favorite.  I was going to make this into a butternut squash chess pie, but it got vetoed by the […]

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